USFloors Inc. Environmental Statement: Commercial Market

USFloors Located in Dalton located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is the only import manufacturer of cork and bamboo in the USA. From the newly renovated “green build” corporate office to our state of the art high efficiency manufacturing facility, USFloors continues to walk the talk in environmental stewardship.

USFloors Inc products are environmentally correct as well as improving health and comfort for human indoor living. Once seen as a fringe movement, the trend toward taking care of our environment through independent and collective action has since developed into what presently the Green Business Ethic. Today’s average consumer is interested in healthy living and actively seeks products that support this ideal. Cork, Bamboo and select certified “COC” [chain of custody] hardwoods are such products.

Cork is a truly sustainable “green-building” material. Trees are grown and the bark harvested by hand following the century’s old tradition without harm to either the trees or their habitat. Once at the factory the primary use is to create stoppers for wine bottles. Cork granules are a post-industrial, pre-consumer by-product from the bottle-stopper industry. The ‘waste’ material is ground up, then formed into sheets using a minimal amount of adhesive to bind the particles together under high pressure. Cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface that is gentle underfoot, is hypoallergenic, will not spread flame, and is inherently resistant to molds, mildews, and common pests. Cork contains no VOC’s, and does not off gas and will not shed microfibers into the air. From harvest to production to installation, cork is environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, and healthy.

Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo, a member of the grass family. This fact goes a long way toward explaining several of bamboo’s unique characteristics. We are familiar with grass as a rapidly growing invasive plant, as is bamboo. Maturing to a height of 20 meters or more in a mere five years, bamboo is ready to harvest. In addition, like grass, cutting bamboo does not kill the plant. An extensive root system remains intact, allowing for rapid regeneration. This quality makes bamboo an ideal plant for areas threatened with the potentially devastating ecological effects of soil erosion. Bamboo flooring allows the design and performance to come through with an ecological benefit to enjoy.

By selecting wood products bearing the FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] accreditation or establishing COC documentation, USFloors contributes to the protection of our eco-system and to the promotion of well managed forests as a standard adopted worldwide. USFloors is committed to developing products that are safe for human habitation, utilizing sustainable materials, and employing technologies, which minimally affect our natural world.