Bamboo Basics

USFContract strand woven flooring planks were the first bamboo floors IAQ certified by Greenguard, Children & Schools currently referred to as UL GREENGUARD GOLD. As such, it supports the “green initiatives” in CHPS Best Practices Manual for K12 schools, USGBC LEED, Green Guide for Healthcare, NAHB Green Building Guidelines, and Green Globes, Regreen and the IgCC.

USFContract Bamboo planks are compressed strand woven bamboo products. This process improves the durability and performance of bamboo from the traditional style of bamboo planks. Original bamboo flooring produced out of planks made from the dried bamboo grass are engineered in slats either horizontally or vertically. As a commercial contract flooring material, plank bamboo is inferior to most hardwoods as it was generally soft, comparable to the hardness of maple – a generally less durable option for wood flooring.

USFContract Strand woven bamboo flooring is created differently than traditional bamboo plank flooring. First off, the commitment to strict guidelines in harvesting the Moso6™ bamboo. Moso bamboo stalks, which are harvested after 6 years of growth are cut into small pieces, boiled down, and then dried over time. Once the bamboo strands are dry, they are pressurized, flattened, and processed into planks. This process results in a solid bamboo plank that is virtually two times the density of a regular bamboo-flooring plank. In terms of durability, the high density created through this process makes strand woven bamboo flooring perfect for placement in high wear and high traffic settings.

BAMBOO BASICS SL are strand woven bamboo planks that come in a variety of shades: natural, spice or a combination of the two. Also in this collection, USFContract offers a proprietary patented product called CORBOO® a strand-woven bamboo that is infused with cork during the strand woven manufacturing process. The Corboo gives the depth and characteristics of a wood plank that a solid strand bamboo plank does reflect. These planks are engineered with a locking profile, which eliminates the use of adhesives.

BAMBOO EVOLUTIONS offers prefinished color options using the Natural, Spice and CORBOO® from the Bamboo Basics SL Collection.

OPUS EL and BRIO are prefinished collections of strand woven bamboo planks with a high-density fiberboard core locking profile that offers more dimensional stability in drier, less humid installations.